Power Message

[Picture of Black and Decker Toy Power Tools]BLACK AND DECKER IS A WELL-KNOWN BRAND FOR TOOLS.

“Boys Toys” for the DIY man in your life can start as young as pre-school, because — as you can see for yourself in this photograph (click in picture to enlarge) — the Black and Decker brand now includes children’s toys.

[Picture of drinks advertising on children’s clothes]Oh, and yes, I know that little girls might just as well play with these toys just as many adult women lust after a new chainsaw, that is not the issue here — the issue is brand placement. I object to toys having real brand names; it’s just not right and proper. In the same way I objected to football teams being sponsored by brewers and distillers to the extent that brand names were on baby-sized shirts.

By the way, I have nothing against beer or Black and Decker either — I merely have a problem with brainwashing children in this way — and I think we all ought to have concerns about this sort of thing. If something is not done, then things will just get worse, don’t you agree?

[Picture of Bosch branded toy]November 2008 UPDATE: Dear readers of the blog have sent us a picture of a Bosch toy to prove that it is not a market or idea monopolised by Black and Decker.


2 Responses to “Power Message”

  1. nancy Says:

    Here’s some good news..

  2. Why Pay? « Getting Worse Says:

    […] may recall that in our post entitled, “Power Message” from back in February 2008, we railed against toys that got brand names across to […]

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