Urban Off Road Adventures

[Picture of off road parking]OFF ROAD VEHICLES LIKE TO PARK OFF ROAD.

It stands to reason, doesn’t it: you have the money to get a big off road BMW, but you only use it to pop to the shopping centre, it never goes off road, so why not park on the pavementy bits provided in the massive car park?  At least that’s off road.

This picture was taken at the Fort, so all the car parks are equally as near to the shops, so it’s not as if this tactic was to get handier for the shops.

Why bother stealing a disabled space or a mother-and-toddler bay?  Mounting something is far more satisfying, especially when you cannot get a ticket!  Even though car parking is free and easy, why not stand out from the crowd and do your own thing? No wonder things are getting worse!


2 Responses to “Urban Off Road Adventures”

  1. Getting Worse-- "Three Cars Use 14 Car Parking Bays!" Says:

    […]Cross Ref […]

  2. Jason Says:

    Off road parking takes new meaning in Chicago winters when I can perform a public service by parking in spots no one else can use. Fun too! Just be careull getting out when parked on a sickeningly steep slope.

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