Sicker Stickers


I cannot be the only one who find this annoying.

It started for me many years ago when I bought a gift and took it home. I was gift wrapping, so I tried to remove the price sticker, and it left an unsightly rip behind! After that I used to ask the shop assistant to remove stickers at the till, and if they left a rip, I refused to buy it!

Matt album sleeves, comics and book covers were extremely prone to ripping, but now that we have CDs and the like, the worst that can happen is glue residue — and the deliberate placement of the sticker itself.

[Picture of Poorly placed shop price stickers][Picture of Poorly placed shop price stickers]There are so many examples that could prove this, but the following digital photographs illustrate the point very well. Please click on the pictures to enlarge.

The shelves are filled with CDs in their jewel cases. There is a theme that links them — music of a particular year, 1961, 1962, 1963 and so forth.

The shop price sticker is deliberately and annoyingly placed over the last number (so you cannot easily tell which year the music is from), all you can tell is the decade — its 196* or 197*.

In books the sticker will obscure the author’s name or book title, but it’s getting worse because I have seen it with other goods and even electronic products. Deliberately placed stickers will obscure the battery size, the calories or health warnings — even the “best before” dates!


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