Total Recall

[Picture of Product Recall Notices on a shop window (typical)]CONSUMER CONFIDENCE?

That’s is a thing of the past; when you buy anything these days, there is no guarantee that it will work, or even that it will be safe. No wonder internet forums and sites like Blagger are filled with grumbling consumers, and there are plenty of sites such as The Consumer Action Group and Money Saving Expert trying to help. The television schedules are full of rogue traders and watchdog type programs. Things are getting worse: there is no doubt.

On a typical trip to the shops, I will see so many product recall notices that I am almost afraid to buy anything unusual, I wind up sticking with the tried and tested, thinking my chances are better. I snapped one shop window today. Click on the picture to enlarge.

The bottom line is mistrust and distrust — consumer confidence — and that is shocking in a world that depends on consumerism, that needs people to continually want the latest, the newest, the trendiest. Then again, maybe there is something in it, maybe people are upgrading in an attempt to avoid faulty goods and product recalls.

Useful links for grumbling consumers:


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