Better Parking Spaces!

[Picture of Silverburn car park light]AT LAST!

A good idea that helps ordinary people everyday: the Silverburn shopping centre’s multi-storey car park has a great system. Each car parking bay has a sensor and two lights (one green and one red). The default is an empty space, so a green light will show at every bay when the car park is empty. It simply senses a car is parked and changes the light to red.

Simple — and so, because the indicators are located high above each bay, cars driving into the car park can simply look around to see if there are any green spaces anywhere.

[Picture of Silverburn car park light]

This ought to be the minimum service provided by all multi-storey car parks. It is nice to see something worthwhile, we’re all excited here at Getting Worse as this is the first new idea that is not rubbish. Even the red-green colour-blind criticism doesn’t count here because traffic lights use these colours (and for almost the same meaning)!


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