IHF (I Hate Football)

[Picture of BJK]“BJK” is everywhere as graffiti, and so I said one day,

“That BJK” gets about — wonder if it’s a girl or boy.”

“It’s not someone’s initials; it stands for ‘Big Jock Knew’.”

“Big Jock — whoever that is — knew what?”

“Knew about Alan Brazil and the others”

“Who is Alan Brazil?”

“Brazil played for Spurs and Manchester United.”

“Ahah – a footballer!”

“Yes, he was a Scottish footballer but he then became a DJ on Talk Sport, but he had a drink problem”

“A drink problem?”

“Yes, as a result of what happened to him when he was a wee boy”

“How, what happened to him?”

“Well he started off playing for Celtic Boys Club…”

“Celtic? I thought you said Spurs and Manchester United”

“No, he never played for Celtic. Celtic Boys Club has nothing officially to do with Celtic, it just has that name”

“How can it get away with that name if it has nothing to do with Celtic?”

“That’s the whole point — Jim Torbett who founded and named the club — wanted people to make that connection to ensure success for his venture. He got a lot of boys as a result, which is a pity as he was a paedophile.”

“A child molester?”

“Yes, he got jailed back in 1996 for it, and Alan Brazil’s testimony put him away”

“So Celtic Boys Club was just a sham or scam…”

“Not entirely, it wasn’t all and only about molesting kids, it actually managed to feed players into the system, some through Celtic as well. It’s still going, and it’s still as independent as it was back then”

“So what’s this got to do with this ‘Big Jock’?”

“‘Big Jock’ is Jock Stein. He was the manager of Celtic at the time when Jim Torbett was abusing Alan Brazil and the rest.”

“Sorry, but I don’t ‘get it'”

“Well they’re saying that ‘Big Jock Knew’ about the child abuse.”

“Did Jock Stein abuse kids too?”

“No, no, no, Jock Stein got a CBE from the Queen, the man was highly respected all around the world. He’s rated as one of the ‘Big Four’ — the so-called ‘Great Quartet’ of Scottish football managers, along with Bill Shankly, Sir Matt Busby and Sir Alex Ferguson. He was even voted The Greatest Scottish Football Manager for his work with Dunfermline, Hibernian, Celtic and Scotland. He is something to be proud of, an example, a great Scottish figure — he died back in 1985”.

“OK, I have to say that I have a lot of information, but am none-the-wiser! WHO is saying that he knew that this bloke was child molesting? — and why would someone want to bring down a great Scottish role model?”

“It’s just the old Protestant versus Catholic thing, Rangers versus Celtic.”

“So Jock Stein was a Roman Catholic?”

“Nope, Jock Stein was a Protestant”

“But Celtic is Roman Catholic and Rangers is Protestant, yes?”

“Not really, Rangers had an historical thing about being anti-Catholic, it’s all transferred over from the troubles in Northern Ireland, but it’s far from logical or rational. Rangers for years wouldn’t employ a Roman Catholic, and so their support tended to be people who resented non-Protestants. Celtic employed anyone of any persuasion, but the support naturally adopted the opposing and equally extreme values of Rangers, their main rivals, and this included the Northern Irish rubbish too”.

“Why would one type of Christian resent another type of Christian?”

“Well, it’s not as if the people involved go to church or read the Bible. It was in the workplace, nationalised industries, for example, were considered to be ‘closed shops’, employing only Protestants. When Roman Catholics came back to Britain, they arrived at Liverpool and Glasgow. Just like the Jews before them, the Roman Catholics could not get work, so they inevitably became self-employed. They stuck together, had large families and helped each other become successful — and their flashy cars and big houses were resented by the majority living in vast council estates in and around Glasgow — those who suffered most in recession and in Thatcher’s privatisation.”

“So it’s not really about religious bigotry, because it is not one religion versus another religion. And it’s not sectarianism (about one Christian sect versus another Christian sect) — it’s about Jealousy and envy and money basically?”

[Picture of Big Jock Knew]“Not even that simple. Things have changed over the years; there’s no ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland any more, and Rangers employ Roman Catholics, and people have bought their council houses — so a lot of the old distinctions are blurred.”

“But they are spraying ‘Big Jock Knew’ and ‘BJK’ everywhere, I just don’t get how that is supposed to work.”

“To spell it out: They are saying that there is a tie-in between Celtic and this private boys club, and that as a result, Jock Stein knew about the child abuse — but did nothing about it. It’s a shameful secret — some dirty laundry against Celtic and Saint Jock Stein…”

“Nope, it doesn’t make sense to me! Protestants are slagging off a successful — the most successful Protestant Scottish manager — they are attacking someone who is long-since dead and cannot refute anything — they are ruining a good role model, besmirching a memory, harming the surviving family simply to taunt Celtic fans? That’s insane!”

“It doesn’t really make sense, but none of this Celtic vs Rangers stuff does that”

“But has no-one asked themselves why Jock Stein would do nothing? Why would anyone do nothing if they knew? From the sound of it, Jock Stein knew how to manage men, how to bond them together to make a successful team — this suggests an instinctive knowledge of psychology and sociology. He would, most certainly, have seen molestation as bad for the boys, bad for his team and club, and bad for football and society in general, and in my opinion, a person with that track record of success would have the authority and confidence to speak out. It’s actually sickening that we can sink so low”

“Things are getting worse — it’s all over the web now:

“No wonder I hate football! As a girl, I hate it, and as a sane person I hate it. This doesn’t help, but instead raises questions about this sort of thing each time I meet a guy– and that is a bummer, let me tell you!”

The BJK thing is a brilliant taunt, it is extremely annoying (and all the moreso now that I know what it means). That is what a taunt is supposed to do. I reckon it’s working well at raising hackles and more. But do I care? Well, no. Not really. I didn’t know who Big Jock was, so why would it bother me? There must be loads of people out there who have never heard of Big Jock or the other names. It was a long time ago, long before my time (I am only a young thing), so I don’t really care. All I care about is hating everything to do with that stupid game! What good has it done for Glasgow? We’d have been better off without football altogether.


6 Responses to “IHF (I Hate Football)”

  1. rtone Says:

    I particularly enjoyed this one because you have given a fresh new view to an old and jaded topic – and that is quite a feat, let me tell you.

  2. Ted Blair Says:

    Pictures of grafitti

  3. Ted Blair Says:


  4. Machman Says:

    That article is brilliant. I don’t know how young this “young thing” is but she is one smart cookie. As a football fan (a Celtic fan) there is nothing I can say to counter anything that has been said there. Well done on a fantastic piece of writing.

  5. Dave Says:

    I don’t usually read long articles online, but this gripped me, and I saw this Glasgow pish with fresh eyes. We need to take a long look at ourselves. We can do better than this, COME ON people.

  6. Bigotry Still Rife « Getting Worse Says:

    […] us not forget one of our own, high-hitting posts, IHF (I Hate Football), Getting Worse, 2 February […]

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