Stirling Maxwell Forest Park

[Picture of Stirling Maxwell Forest Park’s Grand Sign, Corkerhill]GLASGOW originally meant “Dear Green Place” (so I have been told), perhaps that is why there is an obsession with public parks.

Usually at the centre of controversy is Pollok Park — which was was “gifted” by the Stirling Maxwell family to the people of Glasgow when they could no longer afford the upkeep of their historical estate. I think I may have found a solution to the present problem (see Apes in The Park) — I have found another park, it is small — but there are good transport links, and it’s handy for the shops, in fact it’s a stone’s throw away from Pollok Park.

[Picture of Stirling Maxwell Forest Park]It is called “Stirling Maxwell Forest Park” (as you can see from it’s grand sign — click on pictures to enlarge). Sure the park is small, but it does have a forest. Sort-of (if half-a-dozen trees makes a forest). Using my camera phone, I almost managed to photograph the entire park in one shot.


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