Haut Dawgs?

[Picture of Hot Dog Kitchen Door Sign]IT IS ALL ABOUT SAUSAGES AT THE END OF THE DAY.

I couldn’t help myself, I just had to take a snap of the signs at a local shopping mall food court’s Hot Dog counter. Click on pictures to enlarge.

[Picture of Hot Dog Kitchen Door Sign]

It made me wonder if the sign was intended to exclude Hot Dog Crew Members who had not yet received much training — or perhaps admittance was denied to those Hot Dog Crew members who failed the training.

Then I noticed another sign, this one to the side of the doorwa, which stated:


This sign mentions training, and although it doesn’t state the level of training, it must be high because they are aiming for students. I wondered if they would be allowed through this door — sadly, the sign didn’t make that clear. So it will be one of those questions to raise at the interview, I suppose.

Could they be worried about bangers going off in the wrong (unskilled) hands? Are the dogs that hot?

I don’t know what is getting worse here to be honest — the fact that they put such a notice on the door shows that they are either (a) of the belief that they are highly trained or (b) they know the job is brainless, and are being ironic and sarcastic. Either way, things may have reached their wurst!


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