Kiddie Speed Camera Fun!

[Picture of Safety Cam Car children’s ride]IN SHAWLANDS ARCADE THEY ARE BRAIN-WASHING CHILDREN; they have removed the Stuart Little ride, and replaced it with an abomination — a SPEED CAMERA CHARACTER RIDE! This is not simply weird, but tantamount to an attempt to brain-wash pre-school children!

Such mechanised rides have been around for years — a mum would put in 20p or 50p and watch while their toddler was gently tilted back and forth to a loud signature tune.

[Picture of Safety Cam Car children’s ride]It has always been a boat, train, truck or car theme — something the kiddies know and identify with — like Thomas The Tank Engine, Fireman Sam, or something from Disney — but this is nothing like that; this is a complete departure.

This is not about enjoying a ride in Postman Pat’s van, or speeding through outer space in a skyrocket.

  • This is a ride about DRIVING SLOWLY IN A BUILT-UP AREA!

How messed up is that? It also seems to be about driving INTO speed cameras, as evidenced by the pictures (click to enlarge as ever) — I did not know that that was a problem.

Look, Nanny State — we KNOW we are not supposed to break the speed limit, but this doesn’t exactly fire up the imagination does it? Things are definitely getting worse when this comes to pass.

(By the way, there was a queue for the Santa Sleigh ride, but not for the Safety Cam Car — wonder why!) — Merry Christmas!

2 Responses to “Kiddie Speed Camera Fun!”

  1. Neighbour Says:

    Well Done! The powers that be have seen sense (and possibly this blog post as well) and they have removed the safety cam car and replaced it with a Pirates of the Caribbean pirate ship ride! Much better fun for everyone! Up the Pirates!

  2. Dave Says:

    Awnaw, its away? I was looking forward to getting a shot on the Safety Cam Car, the thrill and exhilaration of “driving at a reasonable speed with due care and attention to other road users as well as pedestrians” would have been worth the 50p.

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