[Picture of mis-spelled trainers poster] I JUST HAD TO TAKE A SNAP OF THIS SHOP FRONT; it is quite ridiculous in so many ways. Click on the picture to enlarge (as always).

The orange sign is fine; it spells everything correctly, it has the sizes and the price, but that obviously was not sufficient for someone has added another handwritten sign.

This one is all about selling two pairs for a quid less, but it is hilarious! “Trainers” becomes “Trainners”, and it restates the price of £4 each — but then they go for the 2 for £7 and seem to realise that this could be misconstrued as 2 shoes, instead of two pairs — so they have added the word “pairs” and underlined the 2 and the £7 in red to make everything abundantly clear. Thank goodness too, for I might have been wondering if each trainner was £4 then a pair would set me back £8 (or £7 simply because I bought them both at the same time). Things are still getting worse!



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