[Picture of high pavement]THE COUNCIL SPENDS A FORTUNE on fences and bollards in an attempt to stop people parking up on the kerb when all they had to do was make the kerb higher.

There are plenty of examples of high kerbs, especially up in the Park Circus area, but also on Paisley Road West (see picture) , the West End and in Giffnock too.

The high kerbs were originally to do with getting into and out of horse-drawn carriages.

If the council really was serious about putting a stop to kerb parkers, then they could raise the pavements or sink the roads — but then the bollard company might go out of business (I wonder if any councillors have vested interests in fences and bollards).

It’s a bit like the speed camera idea — instead of allowing cars that can exceed the speed limits, governments could quite easily pass a law so that no car could go too fast — but that would not bring in any revenue. Having high kerbs would solve a ‘problem’, but there is income to be had from ticketing offenders — and even moreso when there are double yellow lines.


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