No Smoking Health Centre

[Picture of sign at Glasgow Health Centre]THIS IS A NO SMOKING HEALTH CENTRE!

That’s what it says on the sign — just in case you get it confused with a smoking health centre, I suppose! (Click on the pic to enlarge as ever).
Is it not enough to have a law that bans smoking in every public place and every workplace?

Why are “No Smoking” Signs still around?

Assuming that this sign is pre-law, the NHS and health centres have had smoking bans for years! Can this sign really be so old that it dates from a time when you could smoke in a Health Centre (but not this one)? The mind boggles.

There is probably some piece of legislation that makes having this sign necessary. I also like the fact that some wag (probably while hanging about outside smoking a fag) thought it funny to remove the “c” to change co-operation into o-operation — which is almost medical, sort-of!

Things are certainly getting worse when they have to have signs like this!


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