The Thing of The Kitchen

[Picture of The Thing]THE THING IS…

I used to hear about “The Thing” in movies, books, comics and even radio plays. It has taken all these years to reach the point where anyone can just go into a shop and buy “The Thing”. In this case (click on pic. to enlarge), it is a “Thing of The Kitchen”!

Joking aside, you would think, wouldn’t you, that when a company manufactures a product — and spends a fortune on marketing and packaging design, that the very least they should do is ensure that the language is correct.

I don’t know where this toy was made , but I can guess that the translator did not know what a cooker was! Oh dear!

Well, I’m off to make my dinner on the thing in the kitchen. Maybe someone will add “cooker” to the thing people use to change foreign words.

[Picture of bad English on toy for sale]I am not going to tell you what this next toy is; I want you to try to guess for yourselves.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  In case the picturedoes not appear, it says:

“Simulating The True Styles
And Making Carefully.

“All Styles Are Wonderful
High Quality Workmanship
What A Game!”


4 Responses to “The Thing of The Kitchen”

  1. John Says:

    Wel it isnt always non disabled people that park like knobs!

  2. Brian Says:

    Thanks for posting this!

    I saw the thing at Metro here in Singapore. I assume it’s made in china, the source of endless hilarious toy descriptions. I took a pic with my camera phone but it’s much lower resolution than what you’ve got here. It truly is the real of self-expression!

    Whenever I see a “ages 3+” symbol, I remember the made-in-china walker that I assembled for my daughter. It had three different age warnings on the different parts. I think one was 12 months, one 18 months, and the other was the ubiquitous 3+ years that goes on every baby toy. Why a 3 year old would need a walker is beyond me.

  3. Brian Says:

    PS, some asinine spam filter won’t let me post from within singapore, so I had to post from a shell in the US. I hate it when websites do that.

  4. Ed Says:

    You’re welcome!

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