More Apostrophe Abuse

[picture of more apostrophe abuse]MORE APOSTROPHE ABUSE ABUSE IN A PUBLIC NOTICE.


No Smoking Health Centre

[Picture of sign at Glasgow Health Centre]THIS IS A NO SMOKING HEALTH CENTRE!

That’s what it says on the sign — just in case you get it confused with a smoking health centre, I suppose! (Click on the pic to enlarge as ever).
Is it not enough to have a law that bans smoking in every public place and every workplace?

Why are “No Smoking” Signs still around?

Assuming that this sign is pre-law, the NHS and health centres have had smoking bans for years! Can this sign really be so old that it dates from a time when you could smoke in a Health Centre (but not this one)? The mind boggles.

There is probably some piece of legislation that makes having this sign necessary. I also like the fact that some wag (probably while hanging about outside smoking a fag) thought it funny to remove the “c” to change co-operation into o-operation — which is almost medical, sort-of!

Things are certainly getting worse when they have to have signs like this!

The Thing of The Kitchen

[Picture of The Thing]THE THING IS…

I used to hear about “The Thing” in movies, books, comics and even radio plays. It has taken all these years to reach the point where anyone can just go into a shop and buy “The Thing”. In this case (click on pic. to enlarge), it is a “Thing of The Kitchen”!

Joking aside, you would think, wouldn’t you, that when a company manufactures a product — and spends a fortune on marketing and packaging design, that the very least they should do is ensure that the language is correct.

I don’t know where this toy was made , but I can guess that the translator did not know what a cooker was! Oh dear!

Well, I’m off to make my dinner on the thing in the kitchen. Maybe someone will add “cooker” to the thing people use to change foreign words.

[Picture of bad English on toy for sale]I am not going to tell you what this next toy is; I want you to try to guess for yourselves.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  In case the picturedoes not appear, it says:

“Simulating The True Styles
And Making Carefully.

“All Styles Are Wonderful
High Quality Workmanship
What A Game!”

Asian Youth Flexing

[Pitcure of car parked in two disabled bays]PEOPLE PARK IN DISABLED SPACES. That is just the way it goes, but at least most people have a conscience about it — they feel guilty about it, they HIDE the fact – by contrast just look at these guys!

They are not only parked in a disabled parking space at Crossmyloof Morrisons’ Supermarket – they are actually parked on TWO disabled spaces! They are parked diagonally (and that would be wrong it itself) taking up too much room. On top of that the car’s hifi was expensive and sophisticated enough to take your fillings out — and the volume was up full along with the bass booster!

The music was that crap Asian pseudo-pop probably from the latest crap Bollywood movie. One young guy’s identity-braceletted arm was slung out the window while he waited for his pal to come out with what-ever-these-guys-need-so-badly-from-Morrisons’ at 5pm on a midweek evening.

Cool? I don’t think so. Not known for winning Friends and influencing people, the Pakistani community is beginning to flex it’s wings and is beginning to come out and claim some territory now.

This can only lead to problems in the next few months mark my words! I have to get away from Shawlands ASAP!!!

Future Glasgow


For example, you take a digital photograph (or scan in a normal photograph), then take a CAD drawing that has been rendered, and then mix them together in photoshop or paintshop. It certainly gives a good idea of the future (usually in good weather). In the photos here, you might actually recognise some of the existing buildings to locate the proposed new ones. Great fun.

[Renderning of Proposed Clyde Street Glasgow]

Hey, does this look like Ingram Street? Hmm, maybe one day it will…

[Proposed Ingram Street Glasgow]

Or how about this one…?

[Proposed West Regent St Skyscraper]

Does that make West Regent Street any better? Glasgow is attracting a lot of weird new architecture — and weird just for the sake of it.

[Vision of Glasgow animated picture]

And let us not forget the totally gigantic Elphinstone Tower…

[Really tall Elphinstone Tower]

Let’s hope these confident, expressive buildings have a reasonable build-quality (for a change). Possible only because of the poles, probably.

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