Life Savers

[Pictur eof orange ring life saver]RIVER CITY.

That’s the thing – when a river and a city meet, people can fall into the river.

When that happens, you run along the bank and find one of those life saving floats – dayglow orange rings – to throw out to the victim. Then you have to call for help to complete the rescue.

Getting help should be easy in a world of mobile cellphones, but things are not quite that simple

[Picture of float ring] [Picture of empty life ring holder]

What happens is that you rush about in a panic to find that there are no life saver rings because some drunken neds have thrown them into the Clyde for a “laugh”. You use up all your phone credit and battery trying to find the correct “Emergency Service” — the coast guard? Er no!

Every time I cross the Clyde I check – and I reckon the rings only last a day or two before fools toss them into the river for someone to fish out and replace.

  • Yet it would be so easy to solve all this, simply wire up each ring holder to an alarm.

In an emergency, you pull the ring out from it’s holder (setting off the alarm), and the emergency services arrive ASAP. How easy is that?

In cases of drunken foolishness, the fact that an important piece of emergency life-saving equipment has been lost, would be noted immediately – and the emergency services could catch the culprits and re-instate the ring into the holder, maintaining the emergency system’s integrity in a stroke.

There are emergency phones (that get vandalised), so the wiring and alarming of the emergency floats is not a new cost, this idea would be better, cheaper — and more important, would save lives (and reduce thoughtless hooliganism).

4 Responses to “Life Savers”

  1. Keith Says:

    Great idea, but why not put a wireless device inside the rings – that way the authorities would still know when it has suddenly been moved, but would also have the advantage of helping to locate and track the rings. This would save on wiring costs too! Love the site.

  2. david bamford Says:

    I love the site more!

  3. Getting Worse-- "Suicide on Hold" Says:

    […] Cross Ref […]

  4. City boy Says:

    Hi take a look at the Glasgow Humane Society established in 1790 Glasgow’s very own Lifeboat Station.

    Over 1000 Lifebelts a year are recovered from the Clyde with each belt costing over £50.

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