The Bad and the Ugly

[Picture of New Close door]COMMON SENSE seems to be lacking with architects, builders and the council’s planning dept. I mean to say, it doesn’t take a genius to see that this arrangement is both ugly and stupid. Look at this photograph of the close or front entrance to a block of flats (click to enlarge).

The first thing anyone would notice is the sheer height of the door! But that’s a LOT of glass, isn’t it? Bit risky considering the rough neighbourhood! They seem to have though about the poor people waiting outside and talking into the controlled entry intercom, for there is a large glass cover above! But it is all so silly when you stop and think for a minute.

  • All they had to do was move the front door a little further in to the close corridor. That would provide visitors with shelter, it would improve the acoustics too, and would be a boon for people with prams, crutches or carrying furniture or parcels.

Then you notice the ramp for the disabled access. If the entrance door was further in, the ramp could have been incorporated, or at the very least, come from the side — saving a lot of railings!

And look at that new bus stop — could they not have attached the bus stop sign to the existing lamp post? Mind you – what a state that is in!

I know this can seem like whingeing for pedants, but it is so easy to do and to find — go out and snag the world around you — we have to live with what these idiots give us. They get the big bucks after all.

We pay them to THINK and design. If they cannot get the simplest things, the obvious things right, then gawd help us with the serious things like flooding, subsidence, and safety!

If we want a better world, if we want a nicer, better environment, we have to show these numpties that we are onto them, and that we will not accept their shite.


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