Broken Buckie

[Picture of BUckfast smashed bottle]I JUST HAD TO SNAP THIS PICTURE — why? because it was the sixth (yes that’s right the 6th) time I saw a smashed bottle of Buckfast wine on the pavement while out for my walk to the Post Office. Things are bad when people buy Buckfast in the first place, but things are getting worse when winos cannot even manage their alcoholism without dropping their bottles.

Which is worse – winos drinking on the streets or broken glass for the dogs and kids to cope with?

Anyway, why can’t winos make it to the glass recycling centres? selfish so-and-sos!


6 Responses to “Broken Buckie”

  1. Dave Says:

    Oh it might be fact that alcoholism might be a bit of problem based on a huge range of factors including depression? Thank you for being human.

  2. Steven Says:

    We are ALL depressed by the alcoholics leaving their broken glass everywhere. If we were talking about druggies and needles there would be a huge outcry in case wee kids touched them, I dont see the difference just because its glass still sharpe.

  3. Carboot Cell Says:

    If your going to be an alky, the first trick to lern is not to drop the bottle numpty. only thing worse than an alky is a bad alky

  4. Gavin Says:

    Alcoholism is a selfish and destructive condition. They don’t recycle because they don’t care about anything but their own selfish asses.

  5. dave Says:

    you people need to lighten up, humour anyone??

  6. Buckie ban is not an answer Says:

    Buckie ban is not an answer

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