A Spell Round The Shops


As was stated here in How Queeeer, it is not the spelling in itself, but the lack of checking!

An apology with two Ps – “appologise” — amazing really, it was obviously done on a computer, so what is going on with the spell-check feature?

[Picture of chalk sign][picture of mother india sign frontage]

OK, this is the very same establishment, but this time it was not a computer, but a human hand and some chalk and no spell-check. “Celler” is the result — even funnier is that the large sign above has “Cellar” on it in large letters!

[Picture of Mis-spelled pub]

The above photograph is one of my all-time favourites; the pub is well-known for being called “Jeanie Deans” — and is clearly marked as such above the door, however, the canopy declares it to be “Jeannie Deans” — with an extra “n” (Click the picture to enlarge and see for yourself)!

One would have thought that such expensive items would be checked for spelling mistakes, but no; things are getting worse!

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