Security Measures


[Picture of Snack bar security warning]It is good to know that your office, bank, shop, factory, pub or nightclub is secure — especially when it is closed for business. CCTV cameras are familiar sights, but it seems more usual to see patrols of security guards or bouncers, usually with radios, and sometimes with a dog.

Heck, this snack bar must be a veritable goldmine to have a main security firm looking after it in the afternoon while the staff nip to the cash-and-carry for rolls and coke . I don’t see any cameras, and I waited to see if the security patrol was walking around the wagon to no avail — so the only explanation is that the guard is inside the wagon!

This one made me laugh, but these signs are everywhere:



More often than not the sign is on the fence erected around a building being demolished or built — in other words, not really “premises” at all! I do object to the “WARNING” — I feel that it is a tad aggressive, what are they warning us of? The harm that might befall us for trespassing? Wouldn’t it be a lot better and more accurate if the signs started with …


or even


In any case, I have yet to see a security guard looking after a demolished building or vacant flat bit of city real estate.

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