How Queeeer!

[Picture of window poster]ANYONE CAN MAKE A MISTAKE; to err is human, after all — but that is for the spontaneous stuff.

For example, you can nip out for an errand with your shirt out or your flies open, but you wouldn’t get married or meet the queen without at least a glance in the mirror just to make sure everything was correct and in order — so why is it that people continue to send letters and make posters without checking the meaning, layout, grammar and spelling?

The example here is of a poster in a shop window on a busy city centre road. Please click on the picture to enlarge.

Not only does this display a poor level of education, but it is also a sad and shameful reflection of society that we can tolerate such a poster, and that such a poster is needed. What kind of people are we becoming — and what sort of legal system do we have where a shop can shirk off responsibility so easily?


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