Waterfront Apartments Are Not Posh!


[Picture of whirlygig laundry contraption on a balcony]There’s one big flat overlooking the clyde and the “Squinty Bridge” (Clyde Arc) that has a larger balcony as it is atop a restaurant.  What do we find on this balcony?  That’s right — washing out to dry — on a whirlygig!

Click the pic to get an enlarged view. Note the proximity of the street lamp!

[picture of bikes on balconies]Then I started to notice the bicycles on the balconies — perhaps the occupants are too poor to afford a car or public transport?

[picture of bikes on balconies]

Picture of car roof on balcony

You wouldn’t believe it, would you? Kind of spoils the look, don’t you think?  Do those millionaires really have to live like this? Do we really have to put up with looking at what they put out in their verandas? Would you put out washing so close to city traffic and traffic lights under a perforated balcony? Yes, things are getting worse!

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9 Responses to “Waterfront Apartments Are Not Posh!”

  1. mickwei Says:

    do you really think that bicycles are only for the poors?

  2. lloyd Says:

    just go hang yourself, man

  3. Carlos Slim Helú Says:

    wow, what a prick. you really took the time to write this post. maybe your ass is too poor to move away from people with bikes. or maybe you’re just an ignorant prick who wants to live in an over polished box world because he is afraid of what might be found within himself if you were forced to experience something new.

    maybe people like riding bikes. maybe people like hanging their clothes on a line because it taxes less energy from our fucked up planet.

  4. lighten up ppl Says:

    HAHAHAHHAHAHA! That’s a classic picture at the end of this rather amusing post! I can see the persons point, it really does bring the whole look of the apartments down a bit when there are old car parts on ones balcony! Tut tut! Why are there bikes on the balconies anyway? Are these flats too small to accommodate bikes, or do they like trailing muck, dirt and crap through their lovely new apartments to the balcony! LOL

  5. ellllljayyykoff Says:

    wow, you really need to find purpose in life…..

    (rolls eyes)

  6. chris Says:

    lol u moron … what if those ppl enjoy riding bikes ? what if its an activity ? ur just a plain stupid american fat fucken retarded jewish nigger

  7. justme Says:

    This should be forbidden. There should be a law making it mandatory to make your balcony posh. Maybe even kill all the poor people, fucking bastards who don’t drink evian.

  8. Pluto Says:

    How fat is your ass guy? Put it on a bike and have fun!

  9. The old guy Says:

    This has to be satire, right?

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