To Let or Not To Let


[Picture of rented accom. notice]I just had to stop and laugh at this notice pasted up on the window of a Glasgow tenement flat, it seems a fair assumption that the tenant of the flat has a grudge about the condition, and wanted to warn prospective renters of the problem. Potential purchasers would be obliged to get a structural survey as part of the security conditions for their mortgage, so the notice must be aimed at people who might rent.

There’s definitely a story behind this wee notice, quite what it is escapes me — especially as the landlord has not even bothered to remove the notice! Could the tenant still be in occupation? If so, then why put a forwarding address on the notice? Then I just had to burst out laughing; I had just turned to leave when I spotted the following:

[Picture of flat let sign]

Yes! The flat had been up for rent — and the notice had not deterred after all; the flat was let! What on earth is going on these days? I feel sorry for the tenant who felt so strongly — and I would pity the new tenants were it not for the notice — perhaps the new folk cannot read English? Oooh — Things are definitely getting worse!

One Response to “To Let or Not To Let”

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