Bin Caught Obstructing

[Picture of big black pavement bin]IT IS DIFFICULT ENOUGH to negotiate bollards, fences, dimpled pavements, pot-holes, overgrown hedges, dog fouling, cafe tables and chairs and cigarette smokers — but what is going on with all the large black wheelie bins on the main roads of Shawlands (Shawlands is in Glasgow, by the way — not Lanarkshire)?

We’ve all heard of traffic calming, is this now about calming the number of pedestrians as well? maybe they want to dissuade shoppers from using the area — after all Silverburn and Braehead do not have rubbish and bins in the mall for people to avoid!

[Picture of black wheelie bin at shawlands cross]

I was told that it might have something to do with shops having no access at the rear of the shop of uplifting bins — but that’s poppycock; for more years than I can remember there have been shops on this road, and refuse collection was never before such an issue as it seems to have become today. We did not have to live with such rubbish and such massive bins on our pavements for all these years!

In the pictures shown here, these ugly and unhealthy wheelie bins are at Shawlands Cross, opposite each other. Notice that there are fences, so the pavement is narrowed and people are channelled along them. The crossing presents a gap in the fence — that is where these bins are! Exactly at the wrong place — a place where people stop, stand and wait to cross! People NOT wanting to cross have to stand behind wheelie bins, next to a fence until the pedestrians have crossed the road (and before the arrival of the folk from the other side).

It beggars belief, it really does! Left to the council and the interferers and busy-bodies, Shawlands will choke and die — just like Victoria Road, Cowcaddens, and much of the West End. Oh to roll the clock back 7 years to when Shawlands was happy and carefree!

Yes, things are getting worse. No doubt.


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