Paisley New Flat Terror

[Picture of New Flat in paisley]

WHAT IS IT WITH THESE NEW FLATS THEY ARE SO QUICK TO BUILD at the side of motorways and railway tracks?

My heart goes out to those poor souls who bought a flat in a new block in Paisley — flats so poorly conceived, designed and constructed that much of it simply fell off with our mild climate.

Thank goodness we have not have a very cold winter, a very hot summer, floods, or high winds — scary to think of what damage might have accumulated across west central Scotland under more adverse conditions.

These flats are not particularly beautiful, we have seen uglier (see my earlier posts:Ugly New Flats, More Ugly New Flats), and because of where these flats are one might have accepted a certain level of ugliness to account for being so close to the road — these flats are at the side of a very busy road linking the one-way system of the city of Paisley with the M8 motorway. It is a wonder that debris didn’t cause utter havoc and casualties on the road below!

How on earth did building control give them a warrant and certificate of completion — how can this possibly conform to building regulations? How did this pass planning? Things are definitely getting worse!


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