Just look at these two pictures of the same wee bit of Glasgow.  On one side, the sign indicates that cars can pass in both directions, this trianglular sign is bolted against a circular no-entry sign for the other side! How odd!

[Picture of Side Two]    [Picture of Side one]

 But then one just has to step back in amazement at the whole arrangement — the triangular island, the rubbish deposited for uplift, the narrowing road (traffic calming — on a cramped road that is too narrow for two pavements?).  They have managed to ruin a perfectly nice neighbourhood, and from the signs, it patently obvious that they have no idea what they are doing.  Things are getting worse when we accept this sort of nonsense!



4 Responses to “THE WRONG WAY?”

  1. John Says:

    The triangular sign with arrows going both ways tells cars approaching, and passing that this section of Eastwood avenue can be accessed by vehicles coming from both Pollokshaws Road and Kilmarnock Roads.

    The no entry sign tells cars coming from Pollokshaws Road that the rest of the street is one way – from Kilmarnock Road.

  2. Sandra Says:

    Yes, it just doesn’t make sense does it! This is just another example of everyday insanity.

  3. debra Says:

    you can only drive up eastwood avenu (one way) from kilmarnock rd. you cannot drive down eastwood avenue from pollockshaws rd as it is no entry at the sign. this means that the road is one way, so the triangle with the two way arrows is wrong or else it is allowing residents to drive out and turn either left for pollockshaws rd or right against the eastwood avenue one way for a short distance before reaching the two way tassie street. if it is for residents then it is bad to drive toward oneway cars!!! crazy!

  4. shawlander Says:

    OK. I think something should be cleared up here. My post is all about the triangle, the filth and the confusing signs. I wondered about the planners and how a perfectly good and functional road could be ruined like that. Now, to clear things up — the arrows sign does NOT mean car can pass the triangular island coming toward you. It simply means that there is a bit of road ahead that is not one-way. This is a tiny part of Eastwood Avenue — and seems to allow access to a garage business, decorators and some flats to and from the main Pollokshaws Road… they cannot drive the other way, down Eastwood Avenue because there is a “No Entry” Sign and it is one-way! It is perfectly simple to understand on the Pollokshaws Road side, but I can see why everyone here is so confused by the arrows sign — and that illustrates one of my points! It is daft. It would have been more natural and far simpler if the planners had simply taken the road arrangement as it is. One possibility would be to keep Eastwood Avenue one-way — but only until the T- junction with Tassie Street, leaving the two-way access to/from Pollokshaws Rd and Tassie Street. Another possibility would be to make everything two-way, and remove that island. A third possibility would be to make the Eastwood Avenue one-way all the way, from Kilmarnock Road to Pollokshaws Road, after all the two-way portion is pretty small, so the decorator and garage could park on Pollokshaws Rd and walk the 80 metres — or else everyone just behaves themselves and drives up from Kilmarnock Road to park outside their premises.

    THE POINT IS THAT ANY SOLUTION WOULD BE BETTER than the present illogical mess!

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