Daftest Bin


[Mad place for a litter bin]In my earlier post (The Daftest Bus Stop) I showed a bus shelter to be far away from the bus stop — and pointed out that planners had spent a fortune on this stretch of road, and still managed to make a hash of it, well, I thought my dear readers would enjoy the location of the litter bin (click the picture to enlarge). They really expect people to trek all the way from the bus stop (or even further, from the bus shelter), to then slip across the muddy grass to use the bin? Yes, things are getting worse!

[Picture of unnecessary fencing (bashed)]This is a particularly bizarre piece of road, to be perfectly frank. On the other side of the road there are two short pieces of fence — and yet there is no evident rhyme nor reason for them to be there! Not only that, but folk have managed to drive their vehicles into them, for they are all bashed — must be buses and taxis, for I don’t see bicycles doing that kind of damage.

One Response to “Daftest Bin”

  1. Clare Says:

    This bin is gone. They must have read this blog! Well done!

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