Bin Caught Obstructing

[Picture of big black pavement bin]IT IS DIFFICULT ENOUGH to negotiate bollards, fences, dimpled pavements, pot-holes, overgrown hedges, dog fouling, cafe tables and chairs and cigarette smokers — but what is going on with all the large black wheelie bins on the main roads of Shawlands (Shawlands is in Glasgow, by the way — not Lanarkshire)?

We’ve all heard of traffic calming, is this now about calming the number of pedestrians as well? maybe they want to dissuade shoppers from using the area — after all Silverburn and Braehead do not have rubbish and bins in the mall for people to avoid!

[Picture of black wheelie bin at shawlands cross]

I was told that it might have something to do with shops having no access at the rear of the shop of uplifting bins — but that’s poppycock; for more years than I can remember there have been shops on this road, and refuse collection was never before such an issue as it seems to have become today. We did not have to live with such rubbish and such massive bins on our pavements for all these years!

In the pictures shown here, these ugly and unhealthy wheelie bins are at Shawlands Cross, opposite each other. Notice that there are fences, so the pavement is narrowed and people are channelled along them. The crossing presents a gap in the fence — that is where these bins are! Exactly at the wrong place — a place where people stop, stand and wait to cross! People NOT wanting to cross have to stand behind wheelie bins, next to a fence until the pedestrians have crossed the road (and before the arrival of the folk from the other side).

It beggars belief, it really does! Left to the council and the interferers and busy-bodies, Shawlands will choke and die — just like Victoria Road, Cowcaddens, and much of the West End. Oh to roll the clock back 7 years to when Shawlands was happy and carefree!

Yes, things are getting worse. No doubt.


Paisley New Flat Terror

[Picture of New Flat in paisley]

WHAT IS IT WITH THESE NEW FLATS THEY ARE SO QUICK TO BUILD at the side of motorways and railway tracks?

My heart goes out to those poor souls who bought a flat in a new block in Paisley — flats so poorly conceived, designed and constructed that much of it simply fell off with our mild climate.

Thank goodness we have not have a very cold winter, a very hot summer, floods, or high winds — scary to think of what damage might have accumulated across west central Scotland under more adverse conditions.

These flats are not particularly beautiful, we have seen uglier (see my earlier posts:Ugly New Flats, More Ugly New Flats), and because of where these flats are one might have accepted a certain level of ugliness to account for being so close to the road — these flats are at the side of a very busy road linking the one-way system of the city of Paisley with the M8 motorway. It is a wonder that debris didn’t cause utter havoc and casualties on the road below!

How on earth did building control give them a warrant and certificate of completion — how can this possibly conform to building regulations? How did this pass planning? Things are definitely getting worse!

Traffic Lights Suck!

[Picture of traffic lights]IS IT OK TO HATE TRAFFIC LIGHTS? I mean, can it be possible to love them (if you are not a traffic manager or town planner)?

I have gripes with traffic lights. For one thing, there are far too many (for traffic calming), and for another thing, pedestrians try to ignore them. They are supposed to wait for the green man crossing signal, right?

Probably the worst is when they press the button to change the signals, but they don’t wait! They jaywalk across the road and THEN the lights change — halting the traffic flow for no reason!!!

And what about cyclists! Are they fish or fowl? They totally ignore traffic lights (and pretty much everything else)!

Everyone tries to skip through the amber, and often snag up the junction, especially at so-called rush-hour.

Ambulances, Police and Fire trucks cannot be bothered with them — they just flash a light and turn on the siren and shoot right through whenever it suits them!

Cars, trucks, vans, lorries, motorbikes and lorries would love to do that in the middle of the night when there are no pedestrians, but they are made to wait at the lights while the green crossing man shows!

I cannot imagine what foreigners think. I have noticed that on the continent all traffic lights are turned off — switched to flashing amber throughout the night from 11pm. Look at the picture above [click to enlarge, as always], notice that there is no left turn (there is a sign or symbol that is internationally recognised and understood for that) — but there are exceptions, and they are given in English — small words printed in a CIRCLE below the no-left-turn sign!

This is patently ridiculous; it is difficult enough for English-speakers to see and read in a traffic queue of five or six car lengths, but for a foreign visitor?

Traffic lights are ugly, annoying and cost the earth. You would think that in this day-and-age we could think up a better, friendlier, cheaper and cleverer way to manage traffic. Personally I can think up several alternatives, and I would bet anyone reading this could dream up something better than the traffic light in a few minutes; it’s far from difficult!

Yes, things are silly, and traffic lights are not making things better!

Danger – Exploding Pavements!


[Picture of Pavement Damage]The story goes that we have underspent on our infrastructure, and utilities such as water mains pipes have outlived their design life and are in danger of ripping apart spontaneously — as happened at the Citizen’s Theatre (which ironically was running “The Tempest” at the time). The damage to the pavement once the water was drained away and the leak repaired, shows the power of the water main — would YOU like to walking on that pavement when it erupted?

The trouble is that repairs will mean roadworks. Unless these works are properly and sequentially planned, and traffic control measures adjusted in sympathy over the many years this work will take, we will have great inconveniences and much congestion — and a more frustrated and angry population.



Just look at these two pictures of the same wee bit of Glasgow.  On one side, the sign indicates that cars can pass in both directions, this trianglular sign is bolted against a circular no-entry sign for the other side! How odd!

[Picture of Side Two]    [Picture of Side one]

 But then one just has to step back in amazement at the whole arrangement — the triangular island, the rubbish deposited for uplift, the narrowing road (traffic calming — on a cramped road that is too narrow for two pavements?).  They have managed to ruin a perfectly nice neighbourhood, and from the signs, it patently obvious that they have no idea what they are doing.  Things are getting worse when we accept this sort of nonsense!


Cone Overload!


[Picture of Clydeside Cone Chaos]I had to stop the taxi driver just so that I could take this picture. Goodness knows what she must have thought! It is no wonder people get lost and have accidents. This is information overload, and very distracting indeed. What do you think? Click on the picture to enlarge!

I always feel that cones are a bit of a cheat when there is no actual evidence of any work being carried out. I would also prefer that signs be placed down the road BEFORE the options run out, to give drivers the opportunity of taking alternative routes. We just turned a corner and came across all this, and we couldn’t even begin to guess what was going on — resurfacing? painting markings? digging a gas main? Is there a reason for concern, are we in danger? How long will things be like this? Will we ever know?

This simply becomes one of those things we have somehow come to accept as acceptable. Things are getting worse.

Daftest Bin


[Mad place for a litter bin]In my earlier post (The Daftest Bus Stop) I showed a bus shelter to be far away from the bus stop — and pointed out that planners had spent a fortune on this stretch of road, and still managed to make a hash of it, well, I thought my dear readers would enjoy the location of the litter bin (click the picture to enlarge). They really expect people to trek all the way from the bus stop (or even further, from the bus shelter), to then slip across the muddy grass to use the bin? Yes, things are getting worse!

[Picture of unnecessary fencing (bashed)]This is a particularly bizarre piece of road, to be perfectly frank. On the other side of the road there are two short pieces of fence — and yet there is no evident rhyme nor reason for them to be there! Not only that, but folk have managed to drive their vehicles into them, for they are all bashed — must be buses and taxis, for I don’t see bicycles doing that kind of damage.

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