The Daftest Bus Stop

[Picture of a distant bus shelter]ONE WONDERS AT THE THINKING OF ROAD “PLANNERS”.

In the picture (click to enlarge, as always) just look how far the bus shelter is from the bus stop! Yet, in this particular location, they have been very active: red road surface indicating bus, taxi and bicycles only, pavements, cut in, fencing, no-entry signs and more besides! After all the tens of thousands of pounds worth of work on this wee stretch of road, they went and forgot to put the bus stop at the bus shelter, or put the bus shelter at the bus stop! Things are certainly getting worse! What an oversight! And why did they think it necessary to cut in a bus stopping recess on a road that carried no normal car traffic? Just exactly how frequent are these buses anyway??

This is a road heading north on the south side of the Clyde, at the new STV building and near the “Squinty bridge” Google maps have not caught up with the red road, the new bridge and so forth, which is a shame.


3 Responses to “The Daftest Bus Stop”

  1. Getting Worse-- "Hazardous Bus Stops" Says:

    […] Cross Ref […]

  2. Dafter Bus stop Says:

    yeah its in manchester

  3. Clare Says:

    The bus stop has been moved to where the shelter is, so well done! They must have read this and go ttheir act together after only a couple of years!!!!

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