Sofa So Good!

PARKING A SOFA CAN BE A PROBLEM IN SHAWLANDS.[Picture of old couch dumped in a parking space]
On certain streets in Shawlands there are times when car parking can be difficult, especially for residents. How is it then that residents can dump their rubbish in such a way that parking is made more difficult for others?

[Picture of parking space lost by rubbish]This happens all the time too, rubbish bags and discarded furniture and appliances are a hindrance not just to car parking, but to pedestrians too. It is a lot to negotiate, as well as being unsightly and a health hazard.

As I understand it, people are told to put this rubbish out the front, on the pavement. I also understand that the refuse collectors do not always see the rubbish unless it is prominently placed (or perhaps they cannot be bothered to collect stuff if it is too difficult to inconveniently situated).

I have to say that I prefer to think that the refuse collectors are being prevented by some health and safety law or insurance consideration — or even that they are too lazy or in too much of a hurry to meet targets, because otherwise the fault would be with neighbours being lazy and inconsiderate!

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