Queen’s Park

ALL PUBLIC PARKS HAVE RULES — but (a) no-one knows what they are and (b) they are not enforced.

You can easily download the PDF of the general rules for Glasgow Parks, just go to the City Council’s Web Site (www.glasgow.gov.uk) — or you can pause at the entrance gates and read the signs!

For example:

  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times (10) — yet this is where people go to let their dog loose!
  • No Dog Fouling — those responsible for dogs must remove all dog fouling (10) — few people pick up!
  • By law certain dog breeds must be muzzled, not just in the park — I see Rottweilers unmuzzled
  • Dogs are not allowed in the playground area — happens anyway!
  • Smoking is not allowed in any park building or in the playground area (39) — I see this all the time!
  • Drinking alcohol is not allowed in the park — happens all the time!
  • Not allowed to leave broken glassbottles or throw litter etc (33) — The Park is where the under-agers and winos hang out
  • Cooking or setting fire is not allowed (34) — I see people using disposable barbecues bought from the supermarket!
  • Taking photographs is not allowed anywhere in the park (53) — people are always taking snap shots of their pets and kids, or of the flowers, swans and ducks! They have sailing lessons and clubs use the boating pond — and many take pictures.
  • Playing music — on Hi Fi device or musical instrument is forbidden (29) — Radios and Ghetto-Blasters are all the rage in summer.
  • Unauthorised vehicles are not allowed in the park — and that includes motorised wheelchairs, wheelchairs, scooters, skateboards, prams, cars, ice-cream vans etc. The only exception is non-motorised bicycles!

There was a case a few months ago where a wummin had planned to get married and have the small reception in a West End Pub, nipping across the road to the Botanical Gardens for the pictures for the album — but the council got wind of this and said the charge would be over fifty quid!

She was furious on three counts–

  • Why should she have to pay again for something she’s already paid for as part of her Glasgow Council Tax
  • Why should she have to pay the same as someone who doesn’t pay Glasgow Council tax (shouldn’t there be two charges — with the Glaswegians paying less than visitors)
  • Why should she pay the same as those with massive wedding parties, complete with cars and an indoor alternative venue in case of bad weather.

You have to admit, she’s got three very good points, none of which seem to have been answered by the elected council — nor are they ever likely to be… and that is the saddest thing of all.

The article (on Clipped News) mentioned that other councils are free to all, whether they pay local council tax or not, so it seems to be just a money-making idea, except that it is unenforceable — who has ever seen a park warden or park keeper or whatever they are called? I have used Queen’s Park (and others) for years, and never once seen any rules being enforced.

However, things are getting worse, because more and more people are using the parks in the wrong way and for the wrong things. This is chasing away the people for whom the park was intended. What is the point of rules that no-one keeps? Where is the enforcement?


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