Litter Bugs


But why do we do it?  And how do we stop it happening?  This is something done by people, not multi-nationals, not governments, not terrorists, just friends, neighbours and acquaintences.

Maybe people have got used to the fact that refuse collection is rubbish (excuse the pun).  The rule is now to put trash out the front — onto the pavement — for collection.  I have ranted about this, because the collection is poor and people are putting out their rubbish on the wrong days.  I just think it is ugly and a hazard to all. This is the fault of the council.

I have also ranted about recycling and why it has to be the responsibility of the council and not the individual.

If we could return to our senses, if the council collected rubbish regularly, and if the streets were clear of rubbish, then perhaps folks would try to keep the area clear and clean? Until then things will just keep getting worse!

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