A Growing Problem


[Picture of Another Overgrown Hedge Narrowing Pavement in Shawlands]Using pavements in Shawlands is hard enough with all the dog mess (see my rant on this), but it has to be said that the next biggest hazard is overgrown or untended hedges!

[Picture of Overgrown Hedge Narrowing Pavement in Shawlands]Bulging hedges reduce the effective width of any pavement down to almost nothing, and brushing past a wet hedge is never a pleasant experience.

I feel sorry for all the small children and parents at Langside Primary School, for that is a busy junction with Millwood Street, and the hedges on both sides of this street are usually very overgrown indeed, right the way along Tantallon road in both directions.

Mind you, it could be worse were it not for Shawlands’ wide pavements — indeed it is probably worse in other areas, particularly Strathbungo, where things are more cramped.


[Picture of small pavement in Strathbungo] [Picture of narrow Strathbungo Roads] [Picture of Hedge problem in Strathbungo] [Picture of Hedge problem in Strathbungo]

The problem with Strathbungo is that the pavement has an unusably small width to begin with. The roads are very narrow too — just enough room for a single car going one way! If hedges get out of control (and they do), then people have no choice but to resort to walking in the middle of the road!

[Picture of people walking in road] [Picture of people walking in road]

  • How do we solve this problem? — after all it is an inconsiderate neighbour, a bad resident and a selfish and inconsiderate person that is causing the problem… not a local authority or faceless corporation!

[Picture of bushy hedge in Shawlands]Whether it be Drumchapel, Yoker, or parts of the West End — indeed anywhere where the pavement is narrow, it is such a shame to see mums having to push buggies and prams through the overgrowth, or worse, moving away and onto the road to avoid them.

If we could raise awareness of this situation, then one day maybe hedge-owners would be more considerate towards the elderly, the infirm, the disabled, kids on trikes, and mums with prams who have to use the pavement and would simply like to use as much of it as possible!


4 Responses to “A Growing Problem”

  1. andrew Says:

    The Millwood Street Corner soon improved after you highlighted the hedge obesity there and now they are adding speed humps and changing the pavements yet again even though this was not in the shawlands plan you made me download!!! Anyway, thanks for having a positive effect in this area.

  2. Getting Worse-- "Inconsiderate Car Parking" Says:

    […] Cross Ref […]

  3. Keith Says:

    Why people buy ground floor or main door flats when they cannot maintain their hedges is beyond me. The council should cut the hedges and charge them extra on their council tax. That way it would create jobs, ease tension with neighbours, and get the hedges cut properly!

  4. Pablo Bunting Says:

    They should get rid of all hedges and replace the railings that were meant to be there when the tenements were built

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