Litter of the law


I needed some groceries, so I decided to walk to the shopping centre. It was a nice Tuesday evening for a stroll, so I took my camera.

Rubbish at the Back

[Picture of Lane filled with rubbish bags]The bins are collected each and every Monday morning, allegedly. Remember this is a Tuesday evening stroll — and what do I see down a lane? that’s right — uncollected rubbish. It seems that a bin lorry (woups, I mean a refuse collecting crew) had arrived early on Monday afternoon, the wheelie bins and bags were put in the lane, but then the lorry went away without the second part of the process being completed. Mind you, I wouldn’t like to go down that lane, even though a lot of small children play there, the lane is used by local dog-owners as a dog toilet.

Rubbish at the Front

[Picture of street litter][Picture of street litter]Turning the camera from the lane, looking down the pavement I was amazed to see rubbish on the pavement for the official uplift on Thursday afternoon. What on earth is going on? Have they changed the uplift day I wondered; this was NOT an isolated case.

  • I was recently told that the reason why people have to put furniture and other non-bin rubbish on the pavement for council uplift is because the council wants to encourage recycling! What a bizarre idea!

There is a school crossing nearby that just amazes me — because it is an incredible example of bizarre traffic management. There is always something worthwhile going on, so I just had to take a look on my way back from the shops.

Now remember that school children walk down the pavement and wait to cross Tantallon Road with the help of a crossing assistant. Remember too that this is still just Tuesday and rubbish uplift is on Thursdays — and note that official uplifts do not include refrigerators (they are special cases and have to be uplifted by the council for a fee). Here’s the picture…

[Picture of fridges at school crossing]

Please spend a few moments on this bizarre picture. Note the bin bags (which cannot be uplifted and should be in a wheelie bin) the fridge and freezer (which cannot be uplifted — and which are famous hazards to children playing) . Did you spot the wood sticking out onto the road? Did you notice where the low point is on the pavement — and just look where the council decided to put the drain! This drain is usually blocked too, so the area is often a large puddle around rubbish.

The council fencing means that children going to school are forced to find a path through this assault course!

Poor primary schoolchildren!

The whole damn place is getting worse.


4 Responses to “Litter of the law”

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  4. Scoot Von Hoot Says:

    After 7 years as a resident of ‘hip and happening’ Shawlands it is with a heavy heart that I say I am moving on. However as I still have a last few days in this chic leafy Glasgow suburb I will find some time for nostalgic meanderings. I still have time for a Deanston Drive assault course. What’s not to love about the mile long walk around the dog dirt, the old sofas, the toilets, the plants, piles of laminate flooring, Pavement parked cars and kebab cartons. How sad the hearts that can not enjoy navigating the old street like an Olympic speed skater. I plan to once more walk along Kilmarnock road to see if I can locate constellations in the few hundreds thousand pieces of chewing gum resplendent against the black tarred pavements. How I will miss the mysteriously disappearing leaflets newspapers and flyers which pick themselves up and bin themselves weekly and the comforting noise of a door being slammed time and time again shaking the close to its foundations instead of using the key. It’s going to be a wrench.

    But then again should I dry my tears and think myself as lucky to have sold my flat. It could have all turned out so differently with estate agents and lawyers firms commenting ‘oh Shawlands? It’s become a little bit shabby really hasn’t it’? And with all this talk of credit crunches the money might not be there for a flat in fly-tipping alley. Imagine if word got out and house prices tumbled. It couldn’t happen surely.

    How I will reminisce thinking on the Shawalnds scenesters sitting at home admiring their gigantic flat screen t.v’s next to their new Ikea Kandinski artwork before then stepping over the newspapers and magazines on their way out to dump the box on the street in front of their palaces. It leaves me to wonder … what is real intelligence? Is it based on academics or is it an awareness of your environment and the part you play in that? Goodbye Shawlands! I may come back when you are better dressed.

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