Shawlands is in Glasgow


Yes I do.


And I have a problem with that.

But it is not what you think. The problem is that where-I-live keeps vanishing!

Let me explain: go to and do a search: a “Pub” in “Glasgow” called “The Granary“. Here’s the results I got when I did this

1 results for “Pub” and “The Granary”Matches located in Glasgow or find your nearest
The Granary10, Kilmarnock Rd, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G41 3NH
Tel: 0141 649 0594

Did you notice that Yell have added the wordLanarkshire— they are saying that Glasgow is in Lanarkshire! Glasgow? Are they serious?

Glasgow is not what it once was, but it is still BIG (in fact it is presently the fourth largest city in the entire UK). And it is NOT in Lanarkshire!

A century ago Glasgow was the second city of the British Empire after London — and as The British Empire was the biggest empire in history, so Glasgow was once the second city of the planet! Glasgow is and always has been the Biggest City in Scotland. It has always been its own burgh with its own council and four cathedrals. To put things into perspective, Glasgow has Five Football teams and a national stadium at Hampden (near Shawlands and NOT in Lanarkshire). The entire residential population of the city of Inverness could be comfortably seated inside any one of these stadia! How dare they lose all the regions within Glasgow, and how dare they diminish this historically great city in such a way!

Hey, look — I got a leaflet from the tourist board, from which I quote:

“By road or Rail Lanarkshire is less than an hour from Glasgow and Edinburgh”[PDF of Lanarkshire leaflet]

It takes me an hour to drive to Lanarkshire. Glasgow is Glasgow. And “The Granary” is in “Shawlands, Glasgow” — NOT “Glasgow, Lanarkshire”!

  • But Shawlands does not exist as far as Yell and The Yellow Pages are concerned.

This is unbelievable. Things might be getting worse, but how bad is it when where-you-live can get lost?

This is a Major Disadvantage

Imagine you wanted to search on yell for a Pizza in Glasgow — is that unreasonable?

The results cover a staggering area of over 100 square miles! On the first page are restaurants in the City Centre, the West End, Cumbernauld, and even East Kilbride! Yell is Useless!

The Problem is Getting Worse

The trouble is that Yell do not seem to be the only people who use this (probably American) software — you might have noticed that some of the Google map links also add “Lanarkshire” — we also have all sorts of problems getting deliveries for things bought on-line. Often the web forms automatically add “Lanarkshire” and subtract “Shawlands”!

Shawlands is a well-known and Important Part of Glasgow

OK, just in case you are thinking that Shawlands is a tiny or insignificant place. Well that is very wrong indeed:

There are main roads in and out of Glasgow, and one of the longest and most central is the A77. From Cowcaddens at the North of the City Centre, the A77 is Renfield Street, then Jamaica Street, bridging the Clyde as Bridge Street, and continuing southward as Pollokshaws Road, through Eglinton Toll/ St Andrew’s Cross, to Shawlands Cross where it becomes Kilmarnock Road. On crossing the boundary from Glasgow to East Renfrewshire at Giffnock, it becomes Fenwick Road then Ayr Road then Fenwick Road again at Malletsheugh and over the moor as it travels into East Ayrshire and onwards.

Naturally, towns and villages have sprung up along the A77. It was the main route for Glaswegians driving to the beaches at Ayr, Girvan, Saltcoats and Troon as well as England.

Most of these are suburban conurbations of Glasgow — but they were mainly residential/ dormitory areas, and so Shawlands holds incredible importance as being the first city-like area — with restaurants, pubs, clubs and flats. Shawlands has two rail routes, and is close to the two main motorways, the National Football stadium, the Victoria Infirmary, and Langside College.

Further south have traditionally been designated “Dry Areas” where pubs and alcohol have been forbidden, so people have traditionally come from miles around to shop, work and have a night-out in Shawlands. It can also be considered as a stepping stone to the city centre (which is only 3 miles away).

Shawlands connects with the largest public park in Scotland, and has many parks and green spaces of its own. As a result, Shawlands is one of the best known areas of Glasgow. Especially known for it’s restaurants and nightclubs. It is also one of the most desirable areas to live for the broadest cross section of people and families, which is reflected in the house prices and rental market.


Shawlands is a bustling area of Glasgow, and Glasgow is the biggest and most populace place in the entire country. Lanarkshire is full of sheep and grass and is miles away by motorway. Lanarkshire is a “day out”. Glasgow is NOT in Lanarkshire. Is that clear?


26 Responses to “Shawlands is in Glasgow”

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  4. John Boyd Says:

    About time somebody spoke oot.
    Have you see the hedges debate?
    Lovin yer wurk
    Big John the jobbie wheech-er
    taxi fur lanarkshire….???

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  6. paul Says:

    pish, mate. ‘probably american’? aye, good one. nothing to do with the english county system then? great. yell don’t let you search by postcode? shame.

  7. Pete Says:

    Paul, you are soooo mistaken if you think the English country system has EVER had anything to do with Scotland! Can you really be such a numpty! It MUST be an American system because pure UK sites (eg banks) don’t have the problem. I see it with Yell and Google Maps the most. Yell might do a search by postcode, but will return results “in the vicinity” of Lanarkshire, which is sh*t. Tell you what, why not read the post and do a search yourself, then compare your results with the information here!
    Why do people even bother to comment when they are so mentally challenged is one of the most amazing features of the web.
    Shawlander, keep on going man, you are delivering a quality product! I got your feed.

  8. Danny McFadden Says:

    Sorry, mate.
    Glasgow used to be in Lanarkshire. The post office – and Yell – still use historic counties.
    Check your postcode.

  9. shawlander Says:

    @Danny McFadden
    I was intrigued by your comment, so I visited the Royal Mail website ( to see what would happen.

    The form asked for as much information from four options. *Building Number *Building Name *Street and *Town.

    So I decided to check the postcode for Tassie Street, Glasgow.
    The results page returned seven pages of addresses, including a range of postcodes — and not one mention of LANARKSHIRE!

    See For Yourself, visit their site and type in Tassie Street and Glasgow.

    I clicked on the first result listed and the page changed to a map for the following address:
    5 Tassie Street
    G41 3PX

    So what are you going on about? GLASGOW IS NOT IN LANARKSHIRE — the evidence I provided in my post proves that, and my postcode check confirms the fact. Yell and Google are wrong. You say that Glasgow once was in Lanarkshire, yet all I can find on the subject is that the city of Glasgow was part of Lanarkshire for three years from 26 August 1889 until 1893. You could better argue that Glasgow was part of Strathclyde from 1975 until 1996. So what is Yell (and the rest) up to?

  10. Harry the Hippy Says:

    Royal Mail is exactly same as The Post Office I did the same thing and got the same result.

  11. See-Eye-Eh? Says:

    Who cares whether Glasgow is in Lanarkshire or not, the fact is Yell REMOVED Shawlands. There is a conspiracy to rub Shawlands out.

  12. Au Pair Says:

    very nice web site. My English is not so good, so I do not understandt it well, but it seems very good. Thanks

  13. Scoot Von Hoot Says:

    After 7 years as a resident of ‘hip and happening’ Shawlands it is with a heavy heart that I say I am moving on. However as I still have a last few days in this chic leafy Glasgow suburb I will find some time for nostalgic meanderings. I still have time for a Deanston Drive assault course. What’s not to love about the mile long walk around the dog dirt, the old sofas, the toilets, the plants, piles of laminate flooring, Pavement parked cars and kebab cartons. How sad the hearts that can not enjoy navigating the old street like an Olympic speed skater. I plan to once more walk along Kilmarnock road to see if I can locate constellations in the few hundreds thousand pieces of chewing gum resplendent against the black tarred pavements. How I will miss the mysteriously disappearing leaflets newspapers and flyers which pick themselves up and bin themselves weekly and the comforting noise of a door being slammed time and time again shaking the close to its foundations instead of using the key. It’s going to be a wrench.

    But then again should I dry my tears and think myself as lucky to have sold my flat. It could have all turned out so differently with estate agents and lawyers firms commenting ‘oh Shawlands? It’s become a little bit shabby really hasn’t it’? And with all this talk of credit crunches the money might not be there for a flat in fly-tipping alley. Imagine if word got out and house prices tumbled. It couldn’t happen surely.

    How I will reminisce thinking on the Shawalnds scenesters sitting at home admiring their gigantic flat screen t.v’s next to their new Ikea Kandinski artwork before then stepping over the newspapers and magazines on their way out to dump the box on the street in front of their palaces. It leaves me to wonder … what is real intelligence? Is it based on academics or is it an awareness of your environment and the part you play in that? Goodbye Shawlands! I may come back when you are better dressed.

    • mark Says:

      It rite there m8 the place has been turned into a giant bin b a guiding place to live

  14. Douglas Says:

    Glasgow is in the historical county of Lanarkshire. If you check the Royal Mail website, it won’t mention Lanarkshire, but that’s because counties haven’t been a necessary part of anyone’s address since 1995, so it will also “tell” you that Norwich isn’t in Norfolk!

    And the Royal Mail certainly won’t mention Shawlands either! Though it’s pretty ridiculous a search for Pizza in Glasgow will give you options as far out as Cumbernauld.

    So it’s pretty dumb for Yell to be using Lanarkshire as a reference, but it’s not actually incorrect.

  15. emmar Says:

    aye Douglas, I was always told Glasgow was in Lanarkshire – same as Cumbernauld was Dunbartonshire and not really the relatively newly created political maps of North Lanarkshire, Glasgow and the old Strathclyde etc. Yell is pretty crap, but then I’d search by postcode and not use shawlands, partick etc as you’d get a better result. EK possibly comes up as its a Glasgow post code (G75) , like Cumbernauld (G67).

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  18. Heather Says:

    I really don’t know how you feel up there in Shawlands as I live in Greenock, Inverclyde and quite a lot of the time, have the county of Renfrewshire, which it has not, not any more, it is the county of Inverclyde that I live in, not Renfrewshire, but a lot of delivery companies and Royal mail still display the county that I live in as Renfrewshire.

  19. ryan Says:

    It takes me an hour to drive to Lanarkshire. I would like to know which way you drive, and avoid it at all costs. I travel to Lanarkshire twice a week to visit family and it only takes me 10 min to get from Tantallon road to Rutherglen which is now Lanarksire. I would also like to mention that most of Lanarkshire is included in the Glasgow conurbation.

  20. Julie Says:

    Family history led me to google 182 Kilmarnock Rd, Glasgow from a 1923 document – It took a while for me to figure out this was Shawlands and checked out your blog!
    And now I know about the hippest place to shop when I come to Glasgow and checking out old haunts. cheers!

  21. web design in glagow Says:

    I moved to Glasgow to get away from Lanarkshire and now it looks like I’m still in the Shire fan****tastic

  22. Stuart Burgess Says:

    A lot of sites ( mailorder for example) obvioulsy ask for your address and insist on a COUNTY in a drop down menu and Lanarkshire is often the nearest option so I guess it’s a habit that you get in to ..even if I have to enter a COUNTY with no option to leave that bit blank I put Lanarkshire to get past that part …it’s daft putting 28 XXXX Street,Glasgow Glasgow …

  23. Mhoraig Says:

    I know that this is an old blog post, but wanted to explain why Glasgow is described as being in ‘Lanarkshire’. It seems that Yell have stopped saying that Glasgow is in Lanarkshire, but a lot of other websites have adopted the practice and it bugs me too. This phenomenon is the result of websites requiring you to inform them which ‘county’ you live in. This is because England has a system of ‘counties’ for administrive and political reasons, and some (presumably) English-based companies think its helpful if they know which county you are in. Scotland, on the other hand has not used the county system since the local government reorganisation of 1975 (before which Glasgow was part of ‘Lanarkshire’

    These companies may think that knowing which county you are in helps the Royal Mail to get your purchases to you, but they are misguided. The Royal Mail stopped using the Postal Counties system in 1996. Before 1996 they used a system of Postal Counties and Postal Towns to make sure your mail got to the correct sorting office. Since 1996 they have used the first part of your postcode e.g. G41. It is interesting to note that even before 1996 the Royal Mail treated Glasgow as a Postal Town and Lanarkshire as a seperate Postal County so it would still have been incorrect to describe Glasgow as Lanarkshire in this context even then. The most important thing now is to get the first part of the postcode right, and there’s no need to provide any information on region, county etc. Hence the address: 5 Tassie Street GLASGOW G41 3PX. Knowing you are in Shawlands may be useful for delivery drivers and friends coming to visit but for postal reasons what matters is that you are G41. Most postal addresses that you find on the Royal Mail’s website just include house number, street, postal town and postcode.

    Some companies persist in the mistaken belief that it’s helpful to know which county their customers are in. So they have websites which include a text box where you are required to enter your county, or they use a database that allows you to select your county, or establishes which county you live in based on your address. An example of such a database can be found here – Note that the developers of this resource have realised that there is a shortage of databases that links postcodes to postal counties (no wonder since the Royal Mail stopped using them in 15 years ago!) and have decided to fill that gap in the market. They say they used information on postal counties that they found on wikipedia, but seem to have ignored the fact that these fell out of use in 1996; and have included postal counties, but ignored postal towns. But hey, their client’s probably English and so long as the English counties are right they’ll probably never notice.

    So in summary, the reason why Glasgow is sometimes described as Glasgow, Lanarkshire is because people based in England fail to realise that the county system doesn’t apply north of the border, and decide for some reason that they need to know which counties there customers live in. Developers who are ignorant of politics and geography are happy to develop resources that let county-fixated companies link postcodes to counties and since the county system no longer exists in Scotland the developers use a defunct system such as the pre-1975 local government boundaries which places Glasgow in Lanarkshire.

    The Royal Mail on the other hand simplified addressing after 1996 and so ‘Shawlands’ and is no longer used in the official postal addresses that are found on their website.

  24. mark Says:

    The traffic in shawlands is terrible shawlands academy and the rd heading up to the station needs speed ramps cause the traffic goes to fast somebody is fins get knocked down one of thesedays mark goivoymy words

  25. Says:

    You actually put together a lot of good items in ur post, “Shawlands is in Glasgow
    Getting Worse”. I will become coming back to your web site
    eventually. Thx ,Jannie

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